Dr. Smith can provide Virtual or In-Person Events and Workshops!


Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy employees are happy employees. Happy employees are productive employees. Do you want to create a more positive and productive environment?

You can cut down on absenteeism, worker’s comp, health insurance, and hiring and training costs by putting an Employee Wellness Program into place at your business. Implementing innovative wellness programs often help to prevent employees from getting sick, missing work, and can alleviate job related stress.

Let us facilitate one or a series of workshops for your staff, giving your staff the tools and information needed to achieve spectacular health while helping your company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Dr. Smith’s presentations can help boost employee energy, morale, health and well being. Employee Wellness Programs can include lunch and learn programs, breakfast presentations, seminars, workshops, or health screenings. Dr. Smith’s presentations are done at no charge as a part of our Community Health Awareness Program.


  • Hey Stress! Let's Break Up!
  • All Day Energy
  • Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape
  • The Sleep Solution
  • The UnDiet

...or we can customize topics specifically for your business or company

Experience a more positive atmosphere in your office today. Call our Community Outreach Coordinator at 850-591-9355 or e-mail SmithFamilyOutreach@gmail.com to schedule your event. Let Smith Family Chiropractic inspire your employees to achieve a better quality of life.

We are also available to provide Spinal Screenings for health fairs and other wellness events. A Spinal Screening is a non-evasive spinal evaluation done by an expert to detect any problems that have not yet resulted in obvious symptoms.

Cut Costs. Save Lives

Research and popular press shows that chiropractic care can help your employees:

Chronically ill patients seek alternative care, such as chiropractic treatment, because traditional medicine can’t resolve their health problems.”  -Sept. 15, 2004 “Expanded Availability of Coverage for Alternative Medicine Care Helps Employers Meet Growing Demand for Special Care” San Diego Business Wire

Chiropractic can often save money and enhance employee operations.” -Sept. 22, 2004 “Alternative-Health Plans Widen” The Wall Street Journal

Doctors around the country say they are seeing an increasing number of posture related health problems, most stemming from the fact that more people are spending hours hunched over computer keyboards.”-Nov 3, 2003 “Sit Up Straight: A Cure for Back Pain Can be as Simple as Good Posture” The Wall Street Journal