We think you will find Dr. Smith’s presentation to be both informative and entertaining, but you don’t have to take our word for it! See what some of the wellness coordinators we have worked with are saying.

“Dr.Smith is amazing, every time he comes his class size grows. He is very passionate about his subjects and really seems to care about the people." -DHSMV Karen Y. 

 “Your presentation to our group was the wake-up call many of us need and were seeking.” -ECPDC of Leon County Schools

“Surprisingly refreshing with an entertaining delivery of great information.” - Natasha M.

 “Enjoyed it very much. I believe everyone learned a lot.”  - Shane W.

 “Phenomenal approach to combating stress by promoting wellness.  Fascinating data and statistical validation.” - Barb C.

 “Very informative, wonderfully presented. Loved it!“ -Paige Q.

 “Thank you for your time and information. We learned so much about nutrition and making our lives healthier” - MOPS of BFBC

 “This was a great presentation. Will start doing some of Dr. Smith’s recommendations!” - Cheryl G.

 “I would recommend this presentation to all workplaces” -Tequila H.

 “Very informative and relevant with good, usable, ideas!” -Erin B.

“Excellent!  This is the second time I’ve heard Dr. Smith and he is very interesting, has a wonderful engaging presence and certainly knows his topics”.  Lucy C.

“I wish I had known this information 20 years ago for my health and my family’s health”.  T.J.

“Dr. Smith is very energetic and passionate about the topic which makes the presentation very interesting.  He communicates ideas and concepts clearly and explains the material in an interesting manner.  He uses great examples that people can relate to and encouraged class participation.  My hope for the presentation was that he would peak the interest of our employees so that they will concentrate more on their wellbeing.  Based on the feedback I’ve received from the employees, he certainly accomplished that.  I’m looking forward to working with him on future workshops.  Great job”!  Casey M.

“Very informative.  Dr. Smith has an engaging way of presenting his topic.  He holds everyone’s attention because he speaks from the heart”.  Essie S.

“As the Health Education Coordinator, I found the session informative, well planned and engaging.  The slides were on point and relatable.  Nutrition education is mandated in K-12 and necessary for all ages.  I really liked the personal touches that tied in to Dr. Smith’s family history to education and personal wellness”.  Michelle G.

“Great info and the presentation was great to be hands on, to actually get a feel for the trigger points.  Answered all questions very well and was beneficial”.  Coryon R.