Wellness Workshops Available

Dr. Smith’s goal is to educate and help as many people as possible in their quest for health. Below you will find a list of seminars that Dr. Smith is available to present to your business. These presentations are generally 45 minutes to one hour in length and are done at no charge to your business as a part of Smith Family Chiropractic’s Community Outreach Program. Please call 850-591-9355 or contact SmithFamilyOutreach@gmail.com to schedule a workshop.

Our Most Popular Workshops - The seminars below are very popular and in high demand.

Stress Management: Boosting Your Health Potential and Reducing Stress

Allows participants to discover how physical, chemical, and emotional stresses affect the body and simple things they can do at work or home to reduce the negative effects of stress on their health.

Staying Fit While You Sit

This is the ideal lecture to prevent injuries caused by physical stress on the body.  Participants will learn how serious injury can occur from prolonged sitting and poor posture, as well as exercises that can cure or prevent various health problems.

How to Improve Your Energy by 100%

Do you feel tired and sluggish at the end of the day-or even worse - as soon as you wake up? You shouldn’t need to rely on caffeine to feel energized! Discover the secrets of how to increase your energy naturally and avoid the things that rob it.

Balancing Hormones Naturally

This workshop gives participants a complete understanding of the cause of symptoms that occur during PMS and menopause and also some solutions via diet, vitamins, exercise and stress reduction.

You Are What You Eat

Keeping yourself healthy by making good food choices isn’t as hard as it sounds.  If you are looking to lose weight, or just feel good, then this workshop is the one for you!

The Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

Learn why diets don’t work, why eating fat doesn’t make you fat, what hormone is out of control in your body, how to regain your energy and vitality and much more!

How to Improve Athletic Performance and Prevent Injuries

Don’t let injuries keep you out of the game! Learn how to improve your physical conditioning with natural solutions that are drug-free and effective!

Back Safety and Injury Prevention

This seminar specifically addresses OSHA requirements and will provide your employees with information to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Beating Carpal Tunnel: Hands Down

This workshop is a must for the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as other forms of hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder problems.  The participants will learn the Do’s and Don’ts of preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Peak Performance

Learn what the body needs for optimal performance.  Minimize strain and stress, receive tips for increasing energy and reducing fatigue and reduce the risk of injuries for your group.

Natural Solutions to Arthritis Pain

Whether it is picking a guitar, crocheting an afghan, or playing 18 holes - life's little joys are a lot less fun when the pain and inflammation that accompany arthritis set in.  For the nearly 50 million Americans who have doctor diagnosed Arthritis, the little things are often what they miss the most. Learn safe, effective, natural, non-drug solutions for arthritis pain that will have you wondering why you waited so long to try them

Pressure Point Therapy Workshop

Gentle pressure is used to alleviate: headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel, sinus problems, neck pain, PMS, low energy, and painful joints.

Headaches: A Real Pain in the Neck

It’s not all in your head and drugs aren’t always the answer. Different kinds of headaches come from different sources, so learning how to find the causes of your headaches can help you know how to prevent them.

Natural Solutions to Allergies and Asthma

Over 100 million Americans have allergies or suffer from allergy-related problems. Sneezing, itchy eyes, and skin rashes only "scratch" the surface of allergy problems. Come find out what causes allergic reactions, what symptoms may indicate that you have an allergy problem, the dangerous side effects of over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications, and how to improve or eliminate your problems, NATURALLY!

Boosting Your Immune System: A Natural Approach to Fighting Disease

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to learn how to fight disease naturally? In this workshop you will learn the secrets to preventing yourself from getting sick through improved nutrition, decreased toxicity, and reduction of physical stresses on the body.

Natural Solutions to Depression

An estimated 9.5 percent of the population or about 18.8 million American adults suffer from the symptoms of depression. Learn about the role of vitamins, toxicity and stress to combat depression naturally.

Understanding Fibromyalgia: A Holistic Approach to Chronic Fatigue and Pain

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), approximately 3.7 million Americans have Fibromyalgia. That is 1 in every 73 people. Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatic ailment after osteoarthritis (American College of Rheumatology). Far from being a “waste-basket” diagnosis for an unknown condition, Fibromyalgia is a symptom of overall poor health. This workshop will provide natural solutions to this devastating disease.

How to Know if Your Children Are on Drugs

Children today run the risk of getting involved with drugs that could destroy their lives. This talk will give parents the factual data that they need to educate themselves about illegal drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs.

A Drug-Free Approach to Treating Learning and Behavioral Problems

Educate parents, teachers, day care supervisors or anyone who may be distressed by a problem child about safe, natural solutions to help improve behavior, concentration, and performance.