Wellness Workshops Available

For the past 20 years, Dr. Smith has been educating the community weekly with his wellness presentations and health screenings. Dr. Smith is a passionate, professionally trained speaker who makes learning about health and wellness fun! Dr. Smith will motivate your team with a 30-45 minute Wellness Talk. Learn the keys to having more energy, increased longevity and how to achieve unprecedented performance levels! Please call 850-591-9355 or contact SmithFamilyOutreach@gmail.com to schedule a workshop.

Our Most Popular Workshops - The seminars below are very popular and in high demand.

Hey Stress! Let's Break Up!

Allows participants to discover how physical, chemical, and emotional stresses affect the body and simple things they can do at work or home to reduce the negative effects of stress on their health.

Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape

This is the ideal workshop to prevent injuries caused by physical stress on the body.  Participants will learn how serious injury can occur from prolonged sitting and poor posture, as well as exercises that can cure or prevent various health problems.

All Day Energy

Do you feel tired and sluggish at the end of the day-or even worse - as soon as you wake up? You shouldn’t need to rely on caffeine to feel energized! Discover the secrets of how to increase your energy naturally and avoid the things that rob it.

The UnDiet

Keeping yourself healthy by making good food choices isn’t as hard as it sounds. Learn why diets don’t work, why eating fat doesn’t make you fat, what hormone is out of control in your body, how to regain your energy and vitality and much more! If you are looking to lose weight, or just feel good, then this workshop is the one for you!

The Sleep Solution 

In this workshop, Dr. Smith will share the latest research on how to fix your sleep, beat insomnia, and improve sleep apnea for good without wasting time and money on "solutions" that don't last (Hint: Melatonin is not a miracle pill!) Learn how to optimize your sleep to boost metabolism, lose weight, and improve performance.