Jacklyn B


I became a patient at Smith Family Chiropractic in February 2012.  I had a lack of energy, excess weight, upper and lower back pain, leg and foot pain, mood swings that were awful, headaches which were almost daily and high blood pressure. 

Since I’ve started care, my blood pressure is lower, I have more energy, I eat healthier and have lost 25 pounds and I am more active.  This spring, I ha ve participated in a 5K event every weekend! 

Without my care at Smith Family Chiropractic, I know that my health was headed into a major decline which would have been costly.  I prefer the natural healing methods of chiropractic care.
I hope to continue being active, exercise and have energy. 

I look forward to my weekly adjustments.  I’m like a kid in the candy store whenever I receive my weekly adjustments.  The office staff is excellent. I enjoy seeing their smiling faces when I come into the office.  I assume they all get chiropractic care too!!!



Jacklyn B


I have been a Police Officer for 21 years.  I have worked in several highly physical positions during the course of my career.  One of them being in the Canine Unit (8 years) and the other with the Tactical Team (12 years).  In addition to that I have always worked on the patrol beat which requires me to wear full vest and duty belt for 10 hours per shift.  I was referred to Dr. Smith’s office by two Police Officers who had had great success with Dr. Smith’s treatment methods.

I had been dealing with back pain and neck tension for about 3 years.  After an MRI it was discovered that I had a bulged disc in my middle back and then a more severe one in the C-4 and C-5 area of my neck.  The doctor who looked at the neck injury stated that the only way to correct it was by way of fusing the vertebra to relieve the pressure on the nerve.  Due to the pressure on the nerve I had lost feeling in my left forearm and left thumb and index fingers.  I sustained pain through the left side of my shoulder and arm area, as well as limited right to left mobility in my neck.  Getting up in the mornings was a painful task as well as any physical exertion.

Within 3 weeks of Dr. Smith’s program I began to get feeling back in my fingers and forearm.  The pain in my shoulder and neck area had begun to subside.  At the 3 month mark my x-rays showed my hips, lower and middle back almost 100% corrected and the pronouncement in my neck that was causing the bulging disc to be corrected by almost 50%.  Today, I have been on Dr. Smith’s program for 10 months and my hips, lower, middle, and upper back are 100% corrected and my neck is 30% from being 100% corrected.  I have learned to use trigger points to adjust pain between appointments and currently am functioning daily and working out regularly without pain.

Dr. Smith’s facility is a casual yet professional setting where all of the staff is friendly and informative.  The staff puts your physical well-being as their top priority.  I can say that when I walked in for my first visit I did not think there was any way to avoid surgery.  I felt defeated and that meeting Dr. Smith was a last attempt before surgery.  After the first few consultations and after the MRI and x-rays were reviewed, Dr. Smith told me he felt he could get me pain free and my spine back in good health.  I would have to say 10 months later he was absolutely correct.

What would my life be like in 15 years without chiropractic care? I could not have waited 15 years.  I had waited 3 to 4 and was getting to where it was painful to sit in a chair for any extended period of time.  I had tried 2 different physical therapists, taken epidural injections in my neck, and was being told that the only way to fix my pain was surgery by way of fusing my vertebra in my neck.  From the education I have received from Dr. Smith’s staff about the importance of good spinal health, I feel that the highly active lifestyle I function in, it is extremely important to get regular treatment and checkups on my spine.  I also feel that the combined Chiropractic maintenance and a good physical workout routine that continues to strengthen my core, will keep me healthier and pain free longer through life.

Able to Enjoy Retirement
I had lower back pain for several years which brought me into the office. It affected my ability to enjoy my life because I was not able to walk without pain, my moods were down and I could not find a good position to rest. Now, my pain is gone and I feel so much better I can now enjoy my retirement with more freedom. I have seen 100% Improvements. I receive great personal attention every time I am in the office and everyone has a great attitude.
Heal Spurs and Plantar Facilities
I originally sought help from Smith Family Chiropractic for severe neck pain and limited range of motion. The pain and loss of range of motion affected my work, driving, and sleeping. I have had previous back surgery for a ruptured disc in my lower back which did help me considerably, but occasional pain and soreness were still occurring. I also was experiencing pain from a heal spur/plantar facilities when walking for any distance and sometimes upon waking and stepping out of bed. My overall feeling of well being has improved, the pain in my neck is almost gone, my foot pain is totally gone except for in extreme circumstances, and my back in general feels much stronger. When I was first evaluated by Dr. Smith he found that my spine was not aligned properly in my hips among other things like forward head posture and the continued degeneration of my spine. I have reason to believe the foot pain was caused by my misaligned spine causing my gate to be unnatural. As the alignment in my hips was being corrected the pain in my foot decreased rapidly and is now not a problem at all. Everyone at SFC is friendly and cheerful they all seem to generally enjoy their work. I really like the whole health approach that goes well beyond the standard adjustments. The attention to physical therapy and diet can make all the difference in the world.
Pain and Posture
I had pain in my right lower back for years and I tried everything to get rid of it. Since staring care, I have experienced numerous days without pain and my overall pain is less. My neck and back posture have also improved greatly. I like the friendly and laid back atmosphere of the office the most. I also feel like the traction and rehabilitative exercises have played a huge role in my pain reduction. I actually look forward to the stretching on the home unit.
Sciatic and Low Back Pain
I first came into the office because of lower back pain as well as sciatic pain down my left leg that was very painful. It interrupted my daily activities and I was unable to sleep through the night due to pain. Since starting care, life has returned to normal and even improved. Dr. Pat cares about your overall health in addition to adjustments and spinal health. I have learned a lot about how to care for myself effectively and have a desire to continue to learn. I love Smith Family Chiropractic because it is so friendly and helpful. Chiropractic care was the catalyst that helped me resolve my herniated disk pain and related issues. Thank you Dr. Pat and staff!
Shooting Pains
I originally came to Smith Family Chiropractic because I knew my lower back was causing some serious issues. I would have shooting pains down my legs which kept me up at night or would wake me up. Medications only masked the problem and it was only getting worse. Other doctors had told me that surgery would be the only option to repair bulging disks. I looked into having surgery but the aftermath of a fused back did not seem to be the right answer for me. I wanted relief from the pain at night and walking, so I thought I didn't have anything to loose and would give it a try. Since Dr. Smith and his staff have worked on my back and neck, I no longer have shooting pains in my legs, sleeping is not an issue neither is walking. I've been able to workout now without any additional pain, and endurance has increased as well. Making any medical decisions should be made with careful consideration and knowledge of residual effects. I chose chiropractic care because I did not want to take a bunch of medicine (poison) to mask the pain and further injure my back. Doctor Smith and his staff take the time to explain each step of the process as well as the physical therapy accompanying the adjustments made by Dr. Smith. If an alternative approach to a healthy life appeals to your lifestyle then the Smith Family Chiropractic staff is for you. 

Multiple Sclerosis and Headaches
I was diagnosed with MS in November 2003.  I have suffered from frequent headaches also.  Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Smith, my headaches have decreased significantly and my physical symptoms of MS have lessened.  It has also been a lot of fun as a patient in his practice.  It is not at all uncommon for me to walk into the office after having a bad day at work or otherwise, yet always leave the office feeling happy and much better than when I walked in.

Before seeking chiropractic care, I was having a bad headache every single day, with an average of 3-4 migraines per month.  I can remember as far back as when I was three years old, lying on a couch, crying because I was in excruciating pain.   I was also experiencing lower back pain, tingling and weakness to my right hand, and stiffness and pain in my neck which I attributed to the work I do.  I have been in the medical field now for twenty years and have been through the most thorough and extensive of physical and diagnostic exams possible.  I have taken all the different remedies for migraines that were recommended.  None of them worked for very long.  Since being adjusted, I have been keeping a log of my headaches and found that mostly, aside from notes about how great I feel, there are no notes on when and how my headaches are because I haven’t even had pressure in my head since my very first treatment.

Numbness, Tingling, and Dizziness
At twenty four years old, I started suffering from strange episodes.  All of a sudden out of the blue my entire arm would go numb from my fingertips to the top of my arm, I would get extremely dizzy, my heart would start racing and my ears would start ringing. I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist.  Each would give me a different diagnosis and would try to prescribe me some drug, but not one of them knew or seemed to care what was causing my problems.  It was not until Dr Patrick took x-rays of my spine and more specifically my neck that I discovered what was the root of all my problems.  My neck had severe degeneration especially in the area of the spine which controls my arms and hands.  Since I have started corrective chiropractic care, all of these symptoms are gone, but the best thing is that I know now that my body is healthier.  I know that as long as I continue my care I will be healthy and well for life.

Acid Reflux and Fatigue
I came into Dr Smith’s office because I had been an athlete my entire life and I realized that the older I got the worse my health was.  I was in my thirties overweight, tired all the time and suffering from acid reflux.  Since I have been going to see Dr Smith, I have increased energy and vitality.  I am now taking care of body for the future and I know that if I continue to remove subluxations I will be full of energy and life!

Chiropractic and Pregnancy
I was under Dr Smith’s care throughout my whole pregnancy with my second child.  My pregnancy was not difficult because I was adjusted regularly.  In fact, my daughter was in a breech position several times throughout my pregnancy.  Dr Smith was able to perform a special adjustment to help turn her, so that I could deliver her naturally at home.

Carpal Tunnel
When I started chiropractic care, I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery.  After seeing my x-rays, I canceled the surgery and started a course of treatment with Dr Smith.  Now, a year later, I can not thank Dr Smith enough for showing me how to heal myself without surgical intervention.  Each of Dr Smith’s suggestions helped me to feel better and another ache and pain that I had accepted as aging disappeared.  I can actually turn my head now instead of my entire body to look both ways at an intersection! 

I was suffering from extreme pains in my waistline and my shoulders were cracking and aching all the time.  I also had pains in the neck, the top of my head, etc.  Since starting chiropractic care, I can move!  I can move without pain!  Dr Patrick’s techniques are wonderful and amazingly don’t hurt!  He has a wonderful personality and a sincere interest in helping people.

Chiropractic and My Children
A significant issue for me when I choose a doctor is how that person is going to treat my children.  Dr Smith was so patient with my son.  He would always take the time to address him as a person and ask me what was going on with him (had he fallen a lot this week, slept wrong, etc.) just to be sure that he was giving my son the best adjustments possible.  One time my son was having sinus problems.  Dr Smith took an extra couple of minutes and did some therapy on his sinuses to help them drain more efficiently.  Dr Smith truly cared that my son was functioning at his best.  My son loved to see Dr Smith and always gave him a big high five! 

Trouble Sleeping
I was having trouble sleeping and along with that lowered energy levels, low back pain, and neck stiffness.  After less than two months of adjustments my lower back pain is nearly gone.  I sleep sound with less tossing and turning.  After each adjustment I feel an energy surge that lasts for hours.  My neck no longer feels like it has a constant “hitch” in it.  I’ve already had a double c-spine fusion.  I know with chiropractic care I will be able to stay off of the surgeon’s table!